Mesh Phont 

Arabic Satirical Text-face 

Mesh Phont a typeface that was started in 2012 during the Arabic Type Design Workshop held by Khtt Foundation at Tashkeel in Dubai. The typeface combines symmetrical letter shapes of the Geometric Kufi with handwritten cursive qualities and proportions of simplified Naskh. The result was an informal mono linear and ultra-light Arabic sans serif typeface, a hybrid Neo-Naskh design that is appropriate for magazine setting and modern publications. It is a youthful and playful original design shown below in humorous and informal text settings. The typeface was featured in Arabic Type Design for Beginners a book published by Khtt Foundation.
The naming behind the font was a satirical one, meaning “not a font” in Egyptian Arabic. Since the workshop was 3 weeks it was quite a compact amount of time to create a whole typeface, towards the end it felt like it was not a font, hence the misspelling of the word font and the naming.

Text setting above acquired from Egyptian satirical play ” Madraset Al Moshaghbin” School of Hooligans.